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Builder's Construction Management Packet

Builder's Construction Management Packet

Erecta Shelters Inc. has developed a "Builder's Construction Management Packet" to provide in one set of source documents the guidance, management techniques, and tools to successfully self manage a steel building construction project.  The packet has been utilized by individuals to establish themselves as Building Construction Managers for Erecta Shelter projects as well as steel building packages from other sources.

Contents of the "Builders Construction Management Packet"

  1. Erection Manual - provides  the site location, drainage, dirt work, concrete, frame, overhead doors, walk doors, windows, insulation, sheeting, and trims in a detailed erection instruction format
  2. Building Design Form - this form lists options in each bay, gables and eaves for sheeted wall, overhead doors, walk doors, windows, and any other requested options
  3. How to Be Your Own Contractor - Guidance and project management techniques provided as a guide for contractor duties and responsibilities
  4. Project Work Sheet - this document is used to coordinate all facets of your building project and create a completion timeline.
  5. How To Get Permits - cities and municipalities will require building permits to construct steel buildings, additionally outside city and municipalities some restrictions must be met.  Requirements for Residential and Commercial requirements are outlined in the packet.
  6. Surface Dimensional Concrete Drawings - a complete set of surface dimensional concrete drawings are provided with all Erecta Shelter Manufactured Buildings, if utilizing other steel building manufacturer those will have to be obtained through your building supplier.
  7. How to Qualify Contactor and Subcontractors - Erecta Shelters Inc. will provide checklists and criteria for establishing Qualified Contactors and Subcontractors you may wish to utilize for specific processes of your building project.
  8. Order Form - this form is a detailed listing of size, width, and height of building design; door, window, walk-door, placement which will make up a comprehensive component list of materials to be manufactured and provided (Erecta Shelter Buildings only).
  9. Accessories - this is s comprehensive listing of desired accessories to include:  Eave-attached shed row, roof only gable extensions, soffits and other specialized requirements.
  10. Shipping - Customer contact information confirmation and detailed directions for shipping locales, additionally written directions and maps are available for shipper.

Packet Pricing -  Erecta Shelter Inc. prices are relative to the building size.  Builder's Construction Management Packet's for small to medium sized building projects is $49.95.