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About The Company


Erecta buildings are engineered to meet or surpass area loading conditions.  Stamped structural drawings are available.


 The Erecta Prefabricated Modular Steel Building System has been granted six (6) United States patents, with international patents as well.


The patented Erecta building system is fabricated from  top quality structural materials.  The building frame is a bolt together design with all bracketry pre-welded for fast, accurate and easy erections.  All frame components come letter coded.


Erecta has established the fastest delivery time of buildings in the industry.


All buildings come with detailed erection drawings, surface dimensional concrete drawings and anchor bolt templates.


Forty (40) year warranty on all exterior materials.  One (1) year warranty on frame components and workmanship.  Proper storage, handling and installation procedures must be followed.


Steel construction offers the lowest insurance rate.  This is a cost saving factor, especially in rural area.  This savings pays forever.


The Erecta Building system gives you a maintenance free structure with extreme longevity for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.


Due to simplicity of design, ease and speed of erection, you will see increased savings in labor costs. 


We, at Erecta RShelters, Inc. have taken steel construction to a new level in simplicity of design and ease of erection. Our patented modular system is based on lightweight architecture, creating smaller and lighter components requiring minimal hand tools and no heavy equipment for strong and accurate erections. Each engineered steel member is precut, pre-punched, prefabricated and letter coded for fast and simple installation. 

Our modular steel building system enables us to build 160 different gable wall sizes and configurations ranging from 15' to 165' in 15' increments. Side wall heights are 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16'. Roof designs are in double pitch, single pitch, and off-set peak. Lengths of buildings are infinite.

This revolutionary building system accomplishes all of these main frame configurations with only nine (9) prefabricated structural members accompanied with three (3) unique patented connectors (Eave, Rafter, and Peak). These connectors have the ability to change roof pitch from 2' in 15' to 4' in 15', utilizing the same structural members. A breakthrough in truss design utilizing interchangeable legs and tops enables open span capabilities within this system.

The total system encompasses:



Columned widths from 15' 4" to 165' 4"

Open span widths in 15' 4", 30' 4", and 45' 4"



Buildings are offered in eave wall heights of 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16'



Building lengths are available in single or multiple bays of 21', 18', 15',  and 12'

A strong part of the uniqueness of the system is the utilization of bay lengths to create multiple (snow) frame live loading capabilities.

21' bay length buildings utilize 6" zee purlins and have a 13lb. frame live load /20 lb. allowable purlin live load

18' bay length buildings utilize 6" zee purlins and have a 16 lb. frame live load /28 lb. allowable purlin live load

15' bay length buildings utilize 4" zee purlins and have a 20 lb. frame live load /24 lb. allowable purlin live load

12' bay length buildings utilize 4" zee purlins and have a 26 lb. frame live load /28 lb. allowable purlin live load 

All buildings have 90 m.p.h. Wind load

Wind loads may be increased dependent on x-bracing.

Erecta R Shelter buildings are engineered for Seismic 1 and 2 zone.